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Small Business Insurance

Clarke Dove InsuranceGet comprehensive property insurance to cover the physical assets of your small business, money stolen from your premises, goods in transit and the cost of interruption to your business due to material damage.

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Shops Insurance

Shop Insurance offers a wide range of cover that includes your stock, loss of income and employers’ liability.

You want to make sure that the business you have worked hard to build up is well protected. From florists and gift shops to bakeries and sandwich bars, our shop insurance policy offers comprehensive cover at a competitive price.

Our shop insurance policy is designed to meet the needs of retailers. As well as offering comprehensive cover for your stock and contents, it also includes other essential covers such as loss of business money, loss of income, employers’ liability and public and products liability.

As many retailers have specific insurance needs, our flexible product gives you the ability to insure what you need with a range of optional covers, including your buildings, loss of license and personal accident benefits for your employees, under one all-embracing policy.

Property Insurance You May Need

Business property insurance is a vital component of your business insurance package. This insurance covers a range of aspects associated with your business with the exact requirements determined by the nature of your business. Types of cover you may need include:

Material Damage Insurance covers the physical assets of your business against loss or damage caused by either a range of specified hazards such as fire, storm, flood and theft or a wider range of covers known as ‘all risks’.

Typically the physical assets include your business premises and its stock and contents, including computer equipment and plant and machinery.

Business Interruption Insurance provides financial compensation if your business suffers loss of income or profit following damage insured under your material damage insurance e.g. a fire or flood.  For example, it provides for loss of income or profit if rebuilding or repairs need to be carried out.  It also takes account of the additional expense involved in moving the operation into short-term alternative premises.

Loss of Money Insurance covers business money that is lost or stolen, from your business premises, in transit and from yours, a director’s or an employee’s home.

Goods in Transit Insurance covers loss or damage to your stock and business contents whilst in transit within the UK in your vehicle or when sent by carrier, up to specific limits.

These are just some of the insurance covers available under our commercial business insurance product.

Working from Home Insurance

Advances in technology and shifts in lifestyle have led to more professionals and entrepreneurs setting up their own businesses, many of whom work from home.

Insurance is important to consider if you work from home.

Our business from home insurance policy is designed to meet the needs of home based businesses. This provides comprehensive cover for your business contents, and includes a number of other key business insurance covers such as public and products liability, loss of business money and business interruption. Working from home insurance will provide added protection for your business.

As part of a business from home insurance policy, cover is also available for a range of other aspects, including your buildings, employers’ liability, ‘All Risks’ cover for portable items away from the home, business food in freezers and legal expenses.

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