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Tradesman Insurance

Clarke Dove InsuranceWhether you are a plumber, electrician, builder or other tradesman, tradesman insurance could be vital to protect your livelihood. It includes one of the most critical insurance covers for your business, public liability insurance. Without it, your business could be ruined by one simple mistake. 

Our competitive tradesman liability insurance product is designed to protect you.

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Insurance for Tradesmen

Comprehensive insurance for tradesmen covers the legal liability of your business for injury to members of the public, your customers and damage to your customer’s property arising in the course of your business.

Insurance cover is provided for public and products liability up to a specified limit and is also available for other key risks including ‘All Risks’ cover on your tools and equipment and employers liability cover, which is legally compulsory if you have any employees.

Tradesmen Insurance – Which Trades are Covered?

As a self-employed tradesman, you are probably all too aware that your business may be only a step away from great success or potential disaster. Business success is as much about protection as it is growth. Having a tradesman insurance policy can help protect your business – but which trades are covered?

Every trade has its own specific dangers. Whether you work in the building industry, as a carpet cleaner, chimney sweep, floor polisher or window cleaner, you need to carefully evaluate the potential risks and buy a tradesman insurance policy that’s appropriate.

Some trades, such as builders, carry higher risks and therefore it is extremely important to ensure that the appropriate builders insurance cover is in place.

If you employ someone, you are legally required to have employers’ liability insurance, which covers your legal liability arising from claims made by employees for injuries or illnesses they may suffer as a result of working for you.

If you are taking out builders insurance, carpenters or plumbers insurance or indeed insurance for any trade where you have associated tools, you should insure your tools and equipment against loss, damage or destruction both on and off site. Tool insurance may be offered as part of the basic tradesman insurance policy or it may be available as an optional extra cover.

Regardless of your trade, your tradesmen insurance should provide public liability cover in the event that legal action is taken against you by a customer or member of the public for injury or damage to their property happening as a result of your business activities.

As the number of people who sue continues to rise, you need to be sure that you are well protected. Perhaps as a window cleaner you are up a ladder and drop a tool onto someone’s head, causing them serious injury. You may be required to pay compensation and without the appropriate window cleaner insurance policy, this could mean a lifetime of paying back the costs of the accident.

Whatever your trade, whether you work as a shopfitter, video installer, glazier, gardener or vacuum cleaner repair person, regardless of whether or not you have premises, it is essential to assess your business risks and buy the appropriate tradesman insurance.

The good news is that the wide choice of quality small business and tradesman insurance policies means that you will be hard pushed to find a trade that isn’t covered by the insurance market. For many trades, you can now get quote and buy tradesman insurance online. This gives you the flexibility of finding and purchasing insurance at a time that suits you.

If your business is more unusual, involves potentially dangerous activities or perhaps you undertake activity not generally associated with your trade, you may need to enlist the help of an insurance broker to make sure you get the insurance cover you need.

Regardless of your trade, it’s vital that you have tradesmen insurance. The insurance premium is an extra cost but without the right insurance cover, you could be jeopardising your business.

Business Tradesman Insurance – What are the Benefits?

Most tradesmen understand that in business you need to expect the unexpected, and while your biggest and most lucrative commission yet may be just around the corner, so might be the potential for bankruptcy. In order to help keep your business life as stress free as possible, it is crucial that you have the correct business tradesman insurance policy.

There are many types of insurance policies designed to suit different trades – builder insurance or plumber insurance, for example. By taking out business tradesman insurance for your trade, you are buying protection in the event of a disaster affecting your business.

Whether you are a builder, painter, plumber, electrician or carpenter, most good tradesman insurance policies can be tailored to suit your individual needs.

To get the best business tradesman insurance, you first need to assess the risks to your business and the legal requirements that determine the insurance cover you need.

If you employ someone, you are legally required to have employers’ liability insurance, which covers your legal liability for claims made by employees for injuries or illnesses they may suffer as a result of working for you.

As an employer, you are at risk of being sued if an employee is injured as a result of your negligence or breach of duty. If their injury claim is successful, you may also face a claim from the NHS for the costs of hospital treatment.

So as you buy business tradesman insurance, make sure it covers your legal obligations as an employer and includes cover for legal fees, costs and expenses such as representation at any coroner’s inquest, fatal accident enquiry or other court hearing arising from any matter which may be the subject of an employers liability claim.

It also makes sense to take out public liability insurance. This covers your legal liability for death or injury to members of the public and loss or damage to their property caused by your business activities.

Some trades, such as the building trade, carry higher risks and therefore it is extremely important to ensure you have the right level of public liability cover – some insurers offer limits of indemnity of up to £10 million.

In addition to tradesman liability insurance, tool insurance should be considered. Damage to or theft of tools and equipment could be disastrous to the operation of your business. Imagine if you woke up one morning to find that your premises had been broken into and your tools take. If you had tool insurance you could be back in business very quickly.

Whilst we started off considering the benefits of business tradesman insurance, in reality the downsides of not having this insurance are so great – and indeed illegal in respect of employers’ liability insurance – that it really is essential that you consider taking out this cover for your tradesman business.